April 22, 2011

YouTube Rodeo: Dananananaykroyd's Wholly Wonderful "Muscle Memory"

Glaswegian fight-pop titans Dananananaykroyd return this spring with what promises to be a cracking sophomore set, There Is A Way. The record was recorded in late 2010 and it will be released on Dananananaykroyd's newly commissioned label Pizza College June 13. The video above is for the sextet's first single from the Ross Robinson-produced collection, and it is amazeballs. There Is A Way is already available for pre-order at Banquet Records right here; Banquet indicates the band plays New Slang in Kingston April 28, so if you are in merrye olde Englande nexte weeke, you know what to do. Dananananaykroyd's full-length debut Hey Everyone! was one of our favorite records of 2009. The band recently posted another track from its new album, "E Numbers," at SoundCloud, and we've embedded the number below. Dig in!

Dananananaykroyd - E Numbers by WorkItMedia

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