November 9, 2003

"whether you know it or not, I am not the one you want" - the mendoza line

greetings earthlings. just back from another weekend stint in Bedford, New Hampshire making the world safe for our beleaguered multinational client. Did get a chance to squeeze some fun into the weekend tho. Friday night the good Dr. and I took in the stylings of the Mendoza Line at the Middle East Upstairs. A relatively tight set for a band that is scattered across the country and never practices (they usually have a single day of practice before doing a few dates -- they rent a space for $40 an hr for the privilege). Anyway, the show was preceded by particularly amuzing conversation with TML's P. Depler, apparently the mastermind behind the enigmatic NGO the American Book Congress. Much of the postmortem of the set was devoted to how the band is determined to never realize its potential. Personally, having loved and lost such awesome bands as Kam Fong and Haywood, I am resigned to accept this. Others were less willing to accept disappointment. Oh well.

Last week I also went out on a school night with some co-workers and took in a silly little film called Bubba Ho Tep. I will not say it was worth $9 to see, but it was a fun time and the theater was so empty it was almost a private viewing. Tuesday seems to be the best night to see movies then. Or maybe it was Wednesday.

I received a BOAT LOAD of records Friday afternoon from Forced Exposure courtesy of the classy David Day. Mostly esoteric electronic stuff, including Via Tania's Boltanski EP and the new one from microhouse act Lawrence. Also a disc from The Mitgang Audio which is more straightforward German-sounding house music and a record by Nick Forte, a glitch effort that is listenable and interesting, though more in the academic sense. Listened to the Forte thing a couple times on my way home from New Hampshire this evening. The drive is turning out to be the best music listening environment for me. David also included a couple 12" records, I'll let you know about those after I throw them on the player this week. I did actually BUY a record this weekend: I was minding my own business at the Bedford, New Hampshire Walmart yesterday morning and decided that $9 for Abbey Road on CD seemed pretty fair. Spun that a couple times this morning -- listening to Beatles records always brings back fond childhood memories. That is all.

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