August 21, 2004

"I didn't want to go to bed and I didn't want to stay awake." - Modest Mouse

News on the Fong comp front: TymMac has tracked down Ardmore Mike "Drums" Boran, who believes he may have the recordings we are looking for. Once I receive those, and re-rip five tracks that I did a sloppy job with the first go-round, this thing is in the can. I listened through both play lists of what the discs will be on my IPod yesterday afternoon. I think people are going to go nuts for this stuff. TymMac reported that upon hearing of his and my interest, Boran exclaimed "wow, Kam Fong is more popular than ever." Could be, I spose. Anyway. Select members of the public have seen what is likely the final cover art for disc one. Rest assured it looks real tough. Enough of that for now.

Turns out the guy who runs the Music for Robots MP3 blog used to live in my neighborhood, has moved, and needs some folks to go over and pack up his records for shipping to him. He solicited aid from his blog, and I may go over and re-meet the illustrious David Day of Forced Exposure fame and pack some boxes this weekend. It's good karma. Plus, I've gotten a lot of good cuts off that blog, including a more scarce Dntel track that is really good, among other things.

You'll note I am skipping the links today. Blogger just can't seem to carry the weight for me lately. I am looking into it.

Saw Plymouth Rock the other night, as my folks were staying the night down there for that express purpose on their way to Maine where their friend has a large place by the water. Anyway, it was sort of neat. We are direct descendents of William Bradford, who sort of spearheaded that whole Mayflower operation. Surprise, surprise, that doesn't really net you any points these days. You'd think chicks would dig it. Much like having the last name Breitling doesn't get you free Breitling watches. Something is wrong in the world. Just kidding.

Can't help but notice Pitchfork is really pushing feature interviews on their site lately. I'd like to think that they see that Junkmedia is doing it and are trying to follow suit. Though the truth of the matter is that it is an ancient idea, something I think SplendidEzine has always done particularly well.

Hopefully this rain will wear itself out ("uselessly and far from home"), as we hope to get a little croquet in tomorrow morning on the Boston Common.

Oh yeah, click over to the Monkey (link at right) for a track from the forthcoming Nels Cline Singers record, which is really superlative. He posted me a copy in the mail and I listened to it about five times yesterday. Monkey also had a scorching track from this fellow Jim Black prior to the NCS -- if you are lucky you got it while it was up.

That is all.


Jay said...

Yeah! Gimme some of that good ol' time Kam Fong action! RAAAAAAWWWWKKKKKKK!!!!

jbreitling said...

I think it may be time to pull down the video and put up another song, so methinks I will tease the Fong comp a little bit. Any Fongophiles out there have a specific request?