November 14, 2004

"Don't tell me you've gone astray, I walk in circles." - Sunny Day Real Estate

Here's something mildly interesting: The Good Doctor, a notoriously slack MP3 blogger himself, wrote a bit for Ice Magazine about MP3 blogs and quoted me. It is online here -- scroll down.

My Tuesday night webcast on Radio TeapotHill will not occur the week of Thanksgiving, and may not happen this coming week either because of a business trip. I will know my status this week by the end of the day Monday and will post an update here to let you know if I will be on. Check back.

Someone is asking $100 for a copy of The Cure's The Top on C'mon. The record may be out of print, and it may be on my list of things I am looking for used. But it ain't worth $100.

Finally, a couple things that KoomDogg referenced on his blozznog that you all should know about. Khaaaaan. Brian's Radio Blog.

That is all.

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