September 20, 2006

Today's Hotness: Ian Svenonius, Archie Bronson Outfit, Deerhoof

Nation Of Ulysses -- 13-Point Program To Destroy America>> This is sort of interesting: according to Henry Rollins' Sept. 14 dispatch, Ian Svenonius of Make Up/Nation Of Ulysses fame aims to create a new talk show. Mr. Svenonius has Mr. Rollins and The Evens' Ian Mackaye booked to chat on the pilot episode, which we think taped Friday. D.C. hardcore misfits Nation Of Ulysses released records on Mr. Mackaye's highly regarded Dischord label in the early '90s, including 13-Point Program To Destroy America, which is one of our favorite album titles of all time. The promo poster for the set is one of our prized pieces of schwag left over from the college radio days, although in this day and age there are few places outside the home one can display such a dangerous-sounding poster without fear of a visit from someone in HR. We couldn't find a scan of the poster online, but the album cover we've posted at left is almost as cool.

>> This video for blues rock merchants Archie Bronson Outfit's "Cherry Lips" is about as intense as it is un-subtle. The clip, which the band created itself, would be pretty dull film school stuff if not for the deliciously tight shots and the fact that the edits are synchronized to the propulsive kick drum that drives the tune like a sweating piston. Then the red lights go on and the model is clothed in gold paint and little else and the video just goes haywire. Definitely worth checking out; its available in three nutricious varieties of streaming media: RM | QT | WM. The song is from ABO's sophomore set Derdang Derdang, which Domino released over the summer. :: clicky clicky :: reviewed the record here.

>> Kill Rock Stars reports that Deerhoof last week completed recording and mastering Friend Opportunity, a forthcoming set slated for release Jan. 23, 2007.

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