February 27, 2009

Show That Was Mini: The Swirlies | Johnny Brenda's

Damon and Adam of The Swirlies, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, February 26, 2009, photo by Matt Graves
Word from our operative MGrooves, who attended last night's kick-off of The Swirlies' mini-not-reunion tour at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia, is that the show was awesome. The band opened with "Bell," and The Swirlies apparently were in such fine form that there was no noticable rustiness beyond some tuning and fussing -- and, really, depending on what year you've seen The Swirlies last, that's a good show -- despite it being five years since their last shows. They played for 90 minutes! The set leans heavily toward Blonder Tongue Audio Baton and They Spent Their Wild..., but there were some tracks from Cats Of The Wild in the mix as well. The Swirlies closed with a seven-minute version of "Sunn" that was captured to video, and we're hoping to post that video clip atop this item as soon as it is online. MGrooves reports the following tunes made the set, although not in this order:

Vigilant Always
Jeremy Parker
Wrong Tube
Sound of Sebring
Two Girls Kissing
San Cristobal de las Casas
Le Bag
One Light Flashing I Love You

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Unknown said...

SUNN! My wish/request came true. I knew it would, but it's nice to see it confirmed. So psyched