November 17, 2009

Footage: Lorelei Cover Lilys' "February 14th" | Slumberland 20th Anniversary

Inveterate, jet-setting shoegaze junky and friend of Clicky Clicky mgrooves flew in from the left coast for the Slumberland 20th Anniversary shows in D.C. and Brooklyn last weekend, and captured the video above of Lorelei encoring with former labelmate Lilys' kaleidoscopic debut single. It's not the entire performance (the beginning is cut off), but it is quite awesome, and we suspect that if you watch until the huge transition at 2:30 you're mind may be blown. So while our dream of Lilys performing a surprise set during the celebration did not come to pass, the seminal Slumberland act was still represented. Lorelei delivered six other tracks, according to this set list also sent along by mgrooves, including the Clicky Clicky fave "Mostly I Sleep" and the classics "Float My Bed" and "Stop What You're Doing." "February 14th" was released as Slumberland's DRYL-7 in March 1991; the single is out of print. As we told our Twitter homies recently, NYCTaper was at the show Saturday night and recorded all of the sets. Pop over to NYCTaper now for live offerings from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and a sorta reconstituted Henry's Dress here and here respectively.

Lilys -- "February 14th" -- "February 14th" b/w "Threw A Day"
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Unknown said...

Here's something droolworthy...

Attendees of the 20th anniversary shindig were given a limited edition compilation cd of Slumberland rarities. The Lily's do New Order's "Dreams Never End". Oh yes.

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pixelife said...

the prophesy has been fulfilled. the bands that were most important to me between 92-97 are now recognized for their brilliance.