December 25, 2010

Jay Is Now On Hiatus Until Summer. Michael Is In Charge Like Baio. Send Him Rock Music.

So long and thanks for all the fish, for now
So we've mentioned it previously, but we have now arrived in the murky future and it's time to say goodbye for a while. The part of the "royal we" that is "Jay" has a day job that requires him to be traveling for business for the next five-seven months, basically off-line the entire time. Getting unplugged from the music, the scene and the blogosphere for so long is going to be very hard. But this too shall pass, and Jay will be back come summer. In the meantime, Michael is in charge and calling the shots. He's got complete autonomy, which hopefully means when we get back Clicky Clicky will not have been turned into a blog about... uhhhh... urban gardening? Tattooed librarians? Actually, both of those would actually be pretty awesome. Whatevs. We'll miss the blog, we'll miss you. While we're gone please go out and buy records and attend shows, so that there is some sort of music economy for Jay to return to. Don't forget the struggle. Don't forget the streets. Don't sell out.



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