July 10, 2012

Tiger Mountain With Future Carnivores, Young Adults, DJs Infinite Jeff, Bric-A-Brac and Victrola | Radio | 13 July

Tiger Mountain dance party with Future Carnivores and Young Adults, and DJs Infinite Jeff, Bric-A-Brac and Victrola

We use so often the phrase "make the scene" that we forget it has a literal meaning. But something about the optimism of this recent, excellent article in The Boston Phoenix about the burgeoning local music environment has us appreciating more than ever the people that quite literally make the scene happen. There's exciting stuff happening just about every night in Boston, certainly more than we can keep up with. Take for example the Tiger Mountain dance party, which this Friday presents its first of hopefully many evenings at Radio in Somerville after a three prior events held in Cambridge. On Friday three DJs will deliver dance beats, and their sets will be separated by appearances from two luminaries of the Boston music scene, forward-thinking avant-pop collective Future Carnivores and ambient punk heroes Young Adults.

Readers will recall we lauded the long-awaited debut full-length from Future Carnivores here in March. The very exciting news is the act has a second long-player about 95% complete, it just needs to be mixed, and a video for one of the tracks directed by the band's own Reuben Bettsak is slated for release later this summer. More exciting still is that the band is allowing us to offer a demo of the forthcoming track "Drugs," which is embedded below. The song touts Future Carnivores' characteristic balance of crisp beats and billowing, New Romantic vocals, and steadily builds up from a bed of acoustic guitar into a pillow of winds crafted from looped guitars, cracking snare beats and bright synth lines.

Friday's appearance by local favorites Young Adults has taken on a sense of urgency in the wake of news that fronter Chris Villon plans to leave Boston later this summer and the band isn't saying (and may not be sure) what will happen beyond three planned shows, another contemplated show, and a five-song EP that is ready to be mixed. Still, Young Adults have survived change before and we are optimistic that we have not yet heard the last of any of these dudes. But you had better get your ass to Radio Friday just in case, right? Right? Young Adults contributed a rattling version of Ride's "Decay" to Clicky Clicky's NOFUCKINGWHERE compilation that we released in May. You can download the whole comp here, but as a special treat, below is an embed of "Decay." So, let's review: Friday night, Tiger Mountain, Radio in Somerville, wear comfortable shoes, bring earplugs and perhaps your spare liver. See you there.

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