April 5, 2007

Review: RunRunner | RunRunner [MP3]

RunRunnerIn a sense, Philadelphia power-pop trio RunRunner is what cross-Commonwealth neighbor GirlTalk would be if 1) Pittsburgh-based and mash-up mad GirlTalk confined itself to underground rock between 1979 and 1987 and 2) actually wrote music instead of pillaging the hottest riffs ready-made from rock classics. That's because RunRunner seems to exclusively write hot numbers, all of which reference best practices from early '80s rock while benefiting from sharp, contemporary production. As a result, there is a pleasant familiarity to every melody throughout RunRunner's tight, self-titled debut. The set was released in October but is only available via digital storefronts (including EMusic, Rhapsody and ITunes).

As you might expect given what we've jotted above, there are shades of the old and new on RunRunner. Opener "False Alarmed" carries a strong whiff of bygone power-pop standouts The Plimsouls (or, dare we say, a tougher Robert Hazard and The Heros?), while the chorus of "Minor Catastrophe" surprisingly recalls contemporary rockers The Jai Alai Savant's reggae-tinged punk [coincidentally, there's more on Jai Alai Savant below]. RunRunner's "Bad Timing" shines because of a soaring chorus anchored by a hint of Descendents-ish, beat-clobbering bass. We're not sure what RunRunner has planned next, but we expect whatever it is will raise the band's profile and give it greater currency outside the invisible shield that encircles Philadelphia at a 100-mile radius and all-too-often snares great indie rock bands (with several recent exceptions and quasi-exceptions). In the meantime, check out this MP3 below, used with permission of the band.

RunRunner -- "False Alarmed" -- RunRunner
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