April 28, 2007

Saturday Night's Alright For Frightened: New FR Live Set

Frightened Rabbit
[Greetings music fans. We apologize for the recent pause -- we've been dealing with a robbery at :: clicky clicky :: world headquarters, and we've also been enjoying some weekend guests. And, incidentally, as we write this, we are suffering through some intensely bad smells coming out of one end of our greyhound -- we'll let you guess which end. Anyway, let's talk about rock music. -- Ed.]

This one almost slipped by us: Glaswegian indie rock savants Frightened Rabbit are selling via EMusic MP3s of their performance at South By Southwest last month. Interestingly, the label listed at the EMusic page is Self Starter Foundation -- a hint of things to come, perhaps? Even more interesting is there is a fiery live performance of the trio's newer track "Fast Blood," which is one of a series of demos that found their way into our hands recently via a kind benefactor. The tail end of the recording contains hysterical banter about Bob Dylan and bat poop, and then the band hops into a thumping version of "Music Now." The highlight of the short set is a frantic rendition of the excellent cut "The Greys." Just download the whole thing, it's hot. In case you missed Stylus's recent survey of the band, which includes a few MP3s from the band's excellent 2006 release Sings The Greys (still not released in the states, but we're hearing a release could occur this fall as a set-up for the issuance of Frightened Rabbit's planned sophomore set), you can check it out here. Finally, here is the band's excellent new-ish track "My Backwards Walk," which they've been offering via their MySpace hutch for a few weeks.

Frightened Rabbit -- "My Backwards Walk" -- MySpace
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[buy Frightened Rabbit music from EMusic here, the only place cool enough to sell it right now]

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