April 11, 2007

Today's Hotness: Operation Ivy, Dinosaur Jr.

Operation Ivy>> Operation Ivy's Energy will be reissued in remastered form on Rancid Records May 1, according to Pun Canoes. The erstwhile Berkeley, Calif.-based band, which is pretty much the first and last word in ska-core, existed for only a couple years before breaking up in mid-1989 after turning down a recording contract from EMI. Members of Operation Ivy went on to form Rancid, a largely forgettable commercial punk rock act. Energy was most recently available via Lookout! Records, but was pulled from the label in the wake of Lookout!'s well-publicized financial problems. You can pre-order the new version right here.

>> Attention Bostonians: Would you buy a car from Dinosaur Jr.? On a Monday? In Harvard Square? On June 11? Well, Mascis and crew won't be selling the cars, they'll be providing the rock that induces fans to be marketed to by newby car brand Yaris, and somehow it all benefits Emerson College's radio station WERS. A few more details here.

>> "Hey, where's Tommy? Someone find Tommy, we're out on the road..."

>> Clicky Clicky Request Line: Does anybody have an MP3 of Citizen's Utilities' song "Chemicals"? We think the version we are half-remembering was a live track from a compilation that was released prior to the band's 1996 full length. Anyone? Hit our email at upper right if you do.

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mike said...

Nice! Energy was probably my favorite album in high school. I'm not sure how much the remaster will add to the original, but I might have to grab it anyway.