April 12, 2007

YouTube Rodeo: Japonesian Ball Foundation's "Another Girl..."

We're sure you've heard The Only Ones' "Another Girl, Another Planet," and likely you've heard The Replacements cover of the song. If you're very, very lucky, you've heard the American Ruse's cover, too, which was released on 7" by Sympathy For The Record Industry in the '90s (if anyone has a digitized version of this, please get in touch with us). All that said, we'll venture a guess that few of you have heard the song as covered by the curiously and/or ridiculously named Japonesian Ball Foundation. Google turns up very little about the band, incidentally, except that its 2002 release may or may not be called Soul Flower Union, and this song appeared on it. Oh yeah, and the cover is racy to the point of being NSFW.

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