April 9, 2007

YouTube Rodeo: The Killer Bridge In "Coin-Operated Boy."

We don't follow The Dresden Dolls too closely, which is sort of ridiculous considering they're based in Boston, but we've heard all of the duo's records, including the 2003 live set A Is For Accident [our review is here]. The set introduced us to the band's quirky number "Coin-Operated Boy," a song that is remarkable for two reasons. First, singer and pianist Ms. Palmer and Mr. Viglione, the drummer, do an amazing approximation of a record skipping right before the bridge in the song. If memory serves, on A Is For Accident the skipping is a relatively straight 5/4 time signature. In the live performance we have posted above, the "skip" is even more nuanced (no surprise, since it is several years later) and we can't even count the time straight in our heads. It seems like it is heading toward 5/4 and then Viglione inserts a little roll and it comes off sounding like it is plus or minus a half a beat. It's wild. However, this not the most remarkable thing about the song. The most remarkable thing is the lyrics and their delivery in the self-referential, heart-grinding bridge. Check it out. Here's another live version. Viglione drums his ass off in this one. And there are about 200 more clips on YouTube here. Enjoy.

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