August 31, 2012

And Then This Happened: Infinity Girl, Young Adults Blitzkrieg TT The Bear's | 30 Aug.

Photos from the final two sets of last night's amazing four-band conflagration at TT The Bear's Place. We arrived during Soccer Mom's final song and spent the entirety of out-of-towners' Naomi Punk's set grooving to the Olympia, Wash.-based act's angular, percussive, dare-we-say Karp-esque jams. Which is to say, we didn't get any photos of that action. But we were down front and center for Infinity Girl and Young Adults, who together created an exhilarating finish to the evening. Wish we had the energy to tell you more now, but alas. Just look at the photos embedded above; just look at them.

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