August 22, 2012

Today's Hotness: The Hush Now, Her Parents, Orange Blossom Flyover

The Hush Now -- Taste (digital single)

>> Boston dream pop lifers The Hush Now resurface next week with a digital single for the song "Taste," the quintet's sublime cover of Ride's classic shoegaze anthem. The Hush Now's rendition was first released May 1 as part of Clicky Clicky's Nofuckingwhere compilation, a locals-only collection featuring 11 Boston bands performing the entirety of Ride's amazing 1990 full-length debut Nowhere. As a brilliant press release writer notes, The Hush Now's version "dramatically slows the tempo of the original and expands its depth with myriad gossamer layers of guitar, bass and synth. [Fronter Noel] Kelly's vocal, by contrast, is out front and solemn, making a song that is a quasi-religious experience for Ride fans sound damn-near liturgical. It's like an endless length of fuse without a bomb, it just burns and burns and burns and then winks out." The Hush Now is currently demoing songs for a planned fourth long player, and fans can expect the band's usual slate of holiday singles as 2012 rolls through its final third. Memos, The Hush Now's third full-length, was one of our favorite records of 2011. It, along with all or almost all of the band's back catalog, is available for streaming and free download at Bandcamp right here.

>> We apologize for doing this to you, but we absolutely assure you that once you hear Her Parents' "Justin Vernon" you will be gleefully yelling "Didn't He!" without any provocation for about two days straight. London-based Her Parents, in case you didn't know, is a new project featuring former members of the mighty Glaswegian fight-pop goliath Dananananaykroyd, Internet Forever and Stairs To Korea. The new band's debut, cheekily titled Physical Product, was released via Bandcamp at few days ago, and it is overflowing with hypercaffeinated and charming post-punk. Of the 11 songs therein, only four eclipse the two-minute mark, and not by much. It's breathless and we dare say fun, even though typically we hate "fun" in "music." Too much "fun," after all, is a slippery slope that leads straight to Weird Al Yancovich. Her Parents' loud, brash and exciting music, fortunately, struggles to contain its own rampant energy, and is "fun" in the same way "fun" Black Flag was fun. You want that. You can get it right here. And we highly recommend you do. At the very least stream the hilarious, hilarious musical indictment of Justin Vernon embedded below. It will make your day.

>> The conversation about music in the context of Haverhill, Mass. -- to the extent it happens at all -- usually begins and ends with the words "Rob Zombie." But there are other things happening in the town. Take for example the shoegaze concern Orange Blossom Flyover, the brainchild of the prolific Ryan Scally. Based on a look at Orange Blossom Flyover's Bandcamp, it has been a going concern since 2010. Among the project's most recent tunes is "Near Beyond Alone," a beat-driven and blurry number that features a bending vocal from collaborator Gracie Jackson (who it should be said delivers a great fascimile of Jeanette Landray's vocals from The Glove). Densely layered with guitars and even more guitars, the tune reminds us of the work brilliant electropop concern from the last decade with the unGoogleable name Guitar (anybody remember this one?). In addition to a boatload of material at Bandcamp and Soundcloud, Orange Blossom Flyover has some physical releases available via I Had An Accident Records out of Annapolis, MD. Or we should say "had," as it appears both releases -- limited edition cassettes including a split with Daytime Television and the full-length Museum Magazine -- are sold out. Check out the stream of "Near Beyond Alone" below.

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