August 26, 2012

Infinity Girl with Young Adults, Naomi Punk and Soccer Mom | TT The Bear's | 30 Aug.

Infinity Girl, Young Adults, Naomi Punk, Soccer Mom | TT The Bear's | 30 Aug.

Just look at that bill. Just look at it [here's the Facebook event page]. Leaving aside that this may in fact be the final time Boston fans will be able to see scene pillars Young Adults perform live (reason enough to see this for sure), the value proposition of this bill is astronomically high. Allow us to run it down. First, upstart shoegaze geniuses Infinity Girl will log what may be its, we don't know, maybe tenth show ever? It certainly can't be more than 10, but the quartet's meteoric rise has been astonishing; as we've written elsewhere, the band formed less than a year ago and has already issued the incredibly solid debut long-player Stop Being On My Side [review]. Noisier scenemates Soccer Mom and its jugular-crushing sonic assault are gripping every time they take the stage. The band is still writing and planning a new record, but it aleady has scads of excellent new material present in its live set that you need to see, including the jam with the hardcore breakdown we loved when it was aired at last month's WFNX Funeral Party show. Ambient punk heroes Young Adults, sadly, are going on hiatus after its current commitments are exhausted this fall. But as we said above, let's not even trade on that issue here. Instead, let's just remind everyone: This is the band that put out Black Hole in 2010, the album that gave us (well, officially, as opposed to the very well-received demo) "Rip It Up," "Let Us Out," "Wasting Time," "Impression" and so many other awesome tunes. And what of this band Naomi Punk, hailing from Olympia, WA? Based on a stream of their LP The Feeling over at Bandcamp, the act purveys a reverbed, pounding and cassette-primitive indie rock that would certainly seem a comfortable fit for Olympia's storied label K Records.

So whaddaya say? We'll see you Thursday. Advanced tickets advised, you don't want to get shut out of this and spend the night crying into your slice of Hi-Fi across the street. Well, do ya punk?

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