August 9, 2012

YouTube Rodeo: Screaming Maldini's "Summer, Somewhere"

This one fell between our proverbial sofa cushions while we were on holiday last week with very slow Internet connectivity. Which, actually, is a step-up over prior years, connectivity-wise, so all in all, not so bad. But as it stands, we only were able to watch the first 50 seconds or so of this charming video until earlier this evening, which video features Sheffield, England-based indie pop savants Screaming Maldini and a coalition of the willing (namely, members of Sheffield Cathedral Choir and Albion) a capella-bombing a local charity shop with its newest, throbbingly jubilant, achingly catchy number. Fans who sign up for the Screaming Maldini mailer will get a free download of the track, so sign up here. The we-don't-even-know-how-many-anymore-tet in June released "Life In Glorious Stereo," the first single from its forthcoming, self-titled, debut long-player, which is slated for release via Alcopop! Records and Hip Hip Hip this fall, all of which we wrote about here. And, hey! Fall is right around the corner, and now we're excited about it. Although we don't have the closet space anymore to hit the thrift stores these days, shame, really. But, dammit, we've got this song, and now you do, too.

Screaming Maldini: Bandcamp | Interzizzles | Facebook | YouTube

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