August 21, 2012

Dirty Dishes, Ghost Box Orchestra, Grass Is Green, Speedy Ortiz | Great Scott, Boston | 22 Aug.

Dirty Dishes, Ghost Box Orchestra, Grass Is Green, Speedy Ortiz at Great Scott, Boston, Aug. 22

So Wednesday we advise you catch the killer bill listed above, featuring the baked-on grit of Dirty Dishes, the "Best Psych/Experimental Act"-acclaimed Ghost Box Orchestra, the auditory pugilism of progressive post-punkers Grass Is Green, and the slithering, angular pop greatness of Speedy Ortiz. It's one in an enlarging series of ridiculously good bills that Boston seems to conjure with almost embarrassing ease these days. Not content to rock you just Wednesday, Jesse from Grass Is Green and Alex from Dirty Dishes will be rocking under the banner of their new side project Big Putts Friday at O'Brien's, along with Speedy Ortiz yet again (if Sadie from Speedy wasn't so conversant on the topic of ancient coffee shops and burrito places in Northampton, we'd have a hard time believing she isn't actually based in Boston. But we digress...) as well as Ovlov, Sneeze and Neur.

But anyway, back to Wednesday, Great Scott's got the goods, get over there and enjoy these late summer nights as they start to drink themselves away one by one. Below are some things you will be fortunate to hear, starting with the Dirty Dishes tune "Blur," the closing cut from the quartet's The Most Tarnished Birds EP that was released on CD in March (the whole thing is for sale on Bandcamp here). We haven't any idea what is in Ghost Box Orchestra's live set these days, but we find the slowly cycling groove of the quintet's 2011 Spring Tour Tape (now sold out) to be entrancing; latch on to the 14-minute nod of the B-side via the second Bandcamp embed below. Grass Is Green's 2012 release Ronson continues to move us, particularly the melodic spazz of the album-closing instrumental "Ruffleball," which we played during the March New Music Night at River Gods way back when; hear the number -- which will draw you in with whammy pedal acrobatics but will make you love it with the gentle salvo of horns at the close -- via the embed below. As for Speedy Ortiz, we recommend listening to it all, and have already done so in a number of places, including here and here.

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DanP said...

Sheesh! Another one I'd love to make. Maybe I shoulda moved to Somerville in 1999 after all.