June 25, 2014

YouTube Rodeo: Ovlov's "The Great Crocodile" Live At Little Elephant

[UPDATED: They un-broke up. Go back to whatever it was that you were doing.] In retrospect it seems a bit corny, but we read this book by Richard Bach as a tween that made a big impression on us at the time called "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." What we recall is that each time the eponymous protagonist achieved some sort of perfection in terms of his chosen avocation (flight), he was elevated or reincarnated to chase more profound ideals. We here at Clicky Clicky prefer to think that is what is happening to Ovlov, the Connecticut indie rock institution that called it quits today. Never forget.

Ovlov's "The Great Crocodile" is part of a split single with Little Big League due later this summer on Tiny Engines. Pre-order the single here.

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