June 28, 2014

Introducing Clicky Clicky Live / Here's Episode 1 Featuring Dikembe's Steven Gray

This is our 2,000th blog post... thank you, thank you... no, really, you're too kind. Anyway, we had really hoped to have something special lined up for post number 2000, but we didn't have high hopes. But then it just so happened that this inaugural edition of Clicky Clicky Live slid right into place. And there was much rejoicing. We're extremely excited about this feature, in which the Clicky Clicky brain trust will interview the hitmakers of the day about what's happening right now out there in indie rock. The cool thing is that the interviews happen live on the Internet, and if you catch the link in time, you can see us work our magic without a net, as it were. And then the interviews are archived, and we post them right here. Cool, right? Staff Writer Dillon Riley was our first man with the baton, and he had a virtual sit-down yesterday afternoon with Dikembe fronter Steven Gray. Clicky Clicky holds the indie punk heroes near and dear based on their terrific debut EP Chicago Bowls and powerful first full-length, Broad Shoulders; that record's "Not Today, Angel" was one of our favorite songs of 2012. Dikembe is slated to release later this summer a sophomore set titled Mediumship via Tiny Engines, which we think will make a lot of waves given the underground's warm embrace of emo records of late.

Mr. Gray told Dillon yesterday the band is particularly excited about the new collection because it was envisioned and created as a whole; whereas Gray feels Broad Shoulders sounds like a bunch of songs just slapped together, he states the new set isn't something that listeners will really want to skip around in. Mediumship has got a beginning, middle and end, and hearing Gray talk about it made us that much more excited about it. Two songs are already in the wild, the mid-tempo rager "Gets Harder," and the prettier and more pensive "Hood Rat Messiah," and both can be streamed via embeds below. But first, turn your attention to our interview above. Gray also talks about trying to keep his rocker secret identity on the downlow in the workplace, obstacles and bonuses when it comes to touring, and the general vibe of the major annual Gainesville punk festival The Fest. Clicky Clicky is super grateful to Steven and Tiny Engines for assenting to the interview. Dikembe plays Boston's Great Scott July 20 with Weatherbox and New City Ghost, which is right around the corner, so you'd best get yourself ticketed. And while you're in a mood to part with your dollars, pre-order Mediumship right here. Just last month Dikembe released via Tiny Engines a split with The Jazz June, and that is certainly something you'll want to check out, too. Dig it. And keep your eyes open for more Clicky Clicky Live segments very soon.

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