December 12, 2004

"Kind of hoped you wouldn't blame me, I can't wake up." - Lemonheads

Eagle-eyed (and admitted to practice in PA) reader MLE points us to a pretty great acoustic performance by Evan Dando (backed up ably and probably necessarily by Come/The New Year's/Consonant's Chris Brokaw) in Australia that you can stream here. The first six numbers are "Drug Buddy," "Paid to Smile," "All My Life," "The Turnpike Down," "$1000 Wedding" and "Great Big No." All in all Dando performs pretty well -- his voice exhibits signs of the hard living that Dando has gained notoriety for, certainly, but he is not as fat and grubby here as I have read he has been in the last couple years. Anyway, if you have a chunk of time to spend with it, it is time fairly well spent.

Chromewaves drops knowledge regarding the oft overlooked UK guitar band The House of Love, whose work that I've heard I've liked very much. Chromewaves makes the point that the band filled that gap in time between the end of the Smiths and the rise of the Stone Roses, though I remember them overlapping the Stone Roses or even coming a little bit after. Their career arc, at least in my mind, followed closely that of the also oft overlooked Sundays. Anyway, check it out (the posting also has a direct link to that Stars video I was raving about a couple weeks ago).

Parasol's favorite records of 2004. I don't shop there, but I've seen the Good Doctor blow a week's wages over the phone with them in about eight minutes.

That is all.

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