December 6, 2004

"Never learned to swim, can't grow a beard or even fight." - Lemonheads

Tune in to Radio Teapothill tomorrow for my weekly webcast program at 9PM EDT. And now, the news:

Congratulations to The Mobius Band, a longtime Clicky Clicky fav, who have apparently signed to Ghostly International, home to excellent electronic acts including Lawrence, Matthew Dear and Solvent. An EP is in the chutes for this winter, and the band is writing for a full-length to follow. Kudos.

There is a really bad video for the Lemonheads' "Mallo Cup" here, among others. I was trying to find their video for "Luka," sort of to illustrate that every professional advance the band ever made was on the strength of a great cover song. Which sounds like a slag, but I actually really, really like the band a lot. Oh well. Angelina Jolie appears in the video for "It's About Time." Juliana Hatfield does not. The video mix for "The Outdoor Type" is jazzed up with harmonies and solos that don't appear on the album cut.

This is interesting -- posted by Vinyl Journey.

An interesting NYT bit (with obligatory Mike Dreese quote) about different editions of albums hitting the marketplace at the same time.

That is all.

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