May 22, 2006

Free Range Music: Juana Molina, Futureheads, Film School

Juana Molina -- Son>> AOL Music has only one notable pre-release stream this week, but it is a record we have been anticipating for weeks and it is well worth dialing up on your Interweb-connected lightbox. Argentinian electro-acoustic dreamer Juana Molina's fourth record Son, her first in two years, sticks to her tried-and-true formula of acoustic guitar, electronic beats and textures and soporific vocals. If you can't get enough of the streams, Domino is also offering downloads for the cuts "Malherido," "Micael" and "No Seas Antipatica" [right-click and save as on those links]. We took a trip to Miami Beach over the winter and wish we had this record with us while we lounged in a vinyl chair on the sand -- it's perfect for daydreaming in the heat. AOL Music is hosting one other item of note this week: hit the second link below to check out the video for Swedish shoegazers Serena Maneesh's "Drain Cosmetics," which is from the act's recent eponymous stateside debut.

Juana Molina -- Son -- Domino
Serena Maneesh -- "Drain Cosmetics" -- Serena Maneesh

>> Not to be outdone, NME is streaming the new Futureheads record News And Tributes here. It's supposed to be "mature," but so far we've only liked half what we've heard. Is that maturity? We guess we're the immature ones, because we would look forward to hearing an entire album that sounds like their track "Man Ray." We would listen to that until our head fell off... Anyway, News And Tributes streets in the U.S. June 13 on Vagrant.

>> Since we just got back from our weekend away it is exceedingly unlikely we will venture out of our hobbit hole tonight to see Film School, despite enjoying their eponymous EP and the accolades from Chromewaves. The good news is Bradley's Almanac is on the case and will be recording the show and attempting to post it sooner rather than later. Watch this space.

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