November 28, 2006

Today's Hotness: Juana Molina, The Cure, Rollins Band, Loomis

>> For a good long while we sat on an email with a link to a video profile of Argentinian electro-acoustic luminary Juana Molina. We finally watched it the other night and it is engrossing. Ms. Molina discusses the disparate sources of her inspiration, which include chirping birds, detuned guitars and noisy elevators. She also describes the evolution of her sound and, on a related note, her search for the perfect looping pedal. The clip also features appearances by KCRW DJ extraordinaire Nic Harcourt and producer and former Monsterland guy Thom Monahan. Anyhoo, the clip is atop this item and if you are a Juana Molina fan or aspire to be one some day we highly recommend sitting back with a cup of coffee and watching. Molina released her most recent set Son earlier this year on Domino. How about some MP3s?

Juana Molina -- "No Es Tan Cierto" -- Tres Cosas
Juana Molina -- "Tres Cosas" -- Tres Cosas
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>> Stereogum pointed us to this interview between some doofus from Fall-Out Boy and Robert Smith of The Cure. Thing is, it is a great interview despite all the obsequiousness. Stereogum highlighted the best parts for this item today, but the rest of the interview is here and worth checking out, despite it being published in Entertainment Weekly.

>> Henry Rollins reported on his blog recently that some early Rollins Band records will get reissued next year. In the former Henry Garfield's words, "The first two up will be Hot Animal Machine and Life Time. Nothing will be different with Hot Animal Machine but Life Time will contain all the live tracks from the original CD release as well as all the studio tracks from the sessions. All these tracks on one CD will be a first. Later in the year we will put out the Hard Volume album and the Turned On album will be remastered and indexed with track numbers. There will probably be some other things from that era coming out as well." Here's the full item, with information about other forthcoming books and DVDs from Rollins.

>> We occasionally reference in clicky clicky erstwhile indie act Loomis, whose 1996 set You're No Tiger, Meow, Meow, Meow opens with a hot rocker ("Conquistador") that we still spin fairly regularly. Anyhoo, after one of our more recent references either here or at World Of Sound, the band got in touch and told me about plans for a one-off reunion show. The date is rapidly approaching, and if you are in or around Milwaukee on Christmas Eve Eve (that's 12/23), you can catch the much anticipated show. Other acts on the bill are also reuniting for one time only, and they are Compound Red and Alligator Gun. As Loomis states at its MySpace dojo, "This is the last time any of these bands will be playing. Be there." Full details here. And you can stream "Conquistador" and the rest of You're No Tiger, Meow, Meow, Meow for free at Rhapsody here.



DJ durutti said...

thanks for the Juana Molina video. I really like her music. In fact, Son has a shot at sneaking into my year-end "best of" list.

Did you catch her at the MFA in June? I was on the Domino Records guest list, but got bounced -- apparently with at least half of the guest list -- when they had to move the concert indoors due to inclement weather and did not have enough room (to say the least) to accomodate everyone. I was not a happy camper that night.

any event -- thanks again

Unknown said...

I didn't go to that show but was similarly foiled at an attempt to see Ms. Molina a year prior. I had tickets in hand but ended up getting some teeth drilled that afternoon and was in too much pain to make the scene. The kicker is I couldn't find anyone to give the tickets too. I pawned them off on some jamoke at work and explained how awesome the show was going to be, but he didn't go... Anyway, hopefully she'll be back sooner rather than later and Domino can hook us all up...