November 9, 2006

Free Range Music: Pavement, Daylight's For The Birds, Snowden

Pavement>> An electronic mail transmission from Domino Records' UK operations points to an e-card for the newly released expanded reissue of Pavement's dazzling Wowee Zowee. Big deal, right? Well, it sort of is, because the e-card points fans to an entire downloadable Pavement live set which, we believe, was once intended to be released as a live record. The show is recorded at The Palace in California in 1994. We've actually already heard it, because it is the same free show that was offered as part of the slate of inducements attached to the Wow Out pre-order offer. Incidentally, we got our copy of Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition with the morning's mail at the day job and the record is just smokin.' We don't know the extent of the remastering and all that, but we will say the first four tracks virtually leap out of the speakers crystal clear and delicious. Highly recommended. Anyway, here is the link to the e-card, download away folks.

>> [UPDATED] We're still listening to the new Daylight's For The Birds record virtually non-stop. That's despite the fact that our MP3s downloaded from EMusic have several coding errors that make certain tracks skip like a record. It is actually kind of retro. Anyway, the genius dream-pop band is now streaming the entire set at a web site set up to promote the record Trouble Everywhere here. We've already recommended buying the record, but if you want to go through the formality of, you know, actually hearing it first, hit the link supra. It's a hot, hot record. And would you look at that, we just got links to a couple MP3s in the electronic mail:

Daylight's For The Birds -- "To No One" -- Trouble Everywhere
Daylight's For The Birds -- "Flicker" -- Trouble Everywhere
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>> When we publish our list of favorite songs of 2006 sometime next month one song you are sure to see is Atlanta-based Snowden's "Anti-Anti." Jordan Snowden recently stopped in at AOL's Interface and recorded a slate of tunes including a minimalist, reverby version of "Anti-Anti" that you should really hear. You'll be able to download the short set in about a month, but, you know, if anybody feels like capturing and ripping the stream now and sending us an MP3, we'll be your friend. Anyway, stream the tune and read more here. The band is coming to Great Scott in Boston the Monday after Thanksgiving, and we are hoping against hope that we'll feel up to making it out that night after what will likely be a long day of driving through the mid-Atlantic region the day before.

>> AOL Music brings a little bit more of the heat this week via the listening party for the new PJ Harvey Peel session collection. Definitely worth a listen -- here's the link.


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