November 7, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 11.7.06

Pavement -- Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels EditionDo you really need us to tell you what to buy this week? It's the sort of release date where the choices are patently obvious. If you're like us, you can't help yourself but buy Matador's 'roided up reissue of Pavement's Wowee Zowee, which comes with an augmented name and a second disc of rarities. Or so we've been promised -- our disc actually hasn't come in the mail yet. Usually Insound is on time with the pre-orders, so we're going to assume some sort of election day chicanery has waylaid it. Anyway, even if we weren't big fans we'd have to buy the double-disc set because it will look nice filed in our rack next to the other Pavement reissues. Another big disc this week is The Evens' Get Evens, which we are listening to right now, having just downloaded it from EMusic. It is a peppy little record isn't it? So raw and basic, but powerful. We're saying yes to it. Finally, there's that new Voxtrot EP out today. We wrote about it earlier, so hit this link and review our opinion.

As a special bonus, we are listing a record we totally slept on last week but have just in the last 24 hours have decided we love. Daylight's For The Birds, the newish project of some of the fine folks who brought you On!!Air!!Library!!, has just released its debut Trouble Everywhere. And it is gorgeous. We downloaded a few MP3s yesterday from somewhere -- we can't remember offhand and Hype Machine is down right now -- and were blown away by the great melodies and neato production and general dream-pop deliciousness of it all. So while the set was released last week, we are making Trouble Everywhere a pick for this week. Deal with it. The records mentioned supra and our other picks for the week are listed below. Links go to relevant commercial opportunities with the good people of Newbury Comics, 'cause we like to keep it local like that.

The Charlatans -- Forever. The Singles -- Island [UK]
Daylight's For The Birds -- Trouble Everywhere -- This Generation Tapes
The Evens -- Get Evens -- Dischord
Nirvana -- Live! Tonight! Sold Out! [DVD] -- Geffen
Pavement -- Wowee Zowee: Sorded Sentinels Edition [Expanded Reissue] -- Matador
The Pixies -- loudQUIETloud: A Film About The Pixies [DVD] -- MVD
Voxtrot -- Your Biggest Fan EP -- PlayLouder


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