November 29, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: More Oval Than You Can Shake A Stick At

It is interesting to us that one of the more popular things we've posted recently was this item with an MP3 for defunct electronic trio Oval's mid-'90s classic "Do While." It just always seemed like the sort of thing that nobody else was into besides us. Anyhoo, imagine our compounded surprise when on a whim we popped "Oval" and "glitch" into the search box at YouTube and actually turned up a video for the song. The video, which we've posted atop this item, is unsurprisingly abstract and is comprised of slowly shifting shapes. Further searching turns up several additional and similar videos (probably from the same VHS collection) for Oval tracks along with one video from scene contemporaries Microstoria. So we'll list and link them: here is the video for Oval's "SD2;" a relatively engaging clip for "Textuell;" and a short but more varied clip for "Instantan." Finally, here's the video for Microstoria's tune "Sleepy People Network Down."


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