November 5, 2006

Free Range Music: Depeche Mode, Pavement, Mary Onettes

Depeche Mode -- The Best Of Depeche Mode, Volume One>> Next week yet another Depeche Mode hits collection will get released. We're not exactly certain how many such collections have preceded this one, because it depends on what you do and don't count, but we've always maintained that a person could live a long and full life just owning the amazing live set 101 and Violator. Even so, Messrs. Gahan, Gore and etc. have included in the new collection the heretofore unreleased track "Martyr," an outtake from 2005's Playing The Angel, and you can stream the video for it below in two delicious flavors of streaming media. You know what? The song's not half bad. There is a fairly riveting 30-minute EPK promoting the collection that features funny archival clips of the band (they were so young! Seymour Stein is so old!) and nice contemporary interview footage, and we're linking to that below as well. It's long, but it's quality.

Depeche Mode -- "Martyr" -- QT | WM
Depeche Mode -- The Best Of Depeche Mode, Volume One EPK -- QT | WM

>> If you've seen the excellent Pavement DVD "Slow Century" then you have already seen these videos, but with the domestic reissue of the band's Wowee Zowee coming Tuesday we thought we'd link to them anyway.

Pavement -- "Rattled By The Rush" -- QT | RM | WM
Pavement -- "Father To A Sister Of A Thought" -- QT | RM | WM

>> In the first promotion of its kind we've seen, you can preview the just-released Mary Onettes' Lost EP at here. This seems like an obvious path for to grow its business, and we hope to see more promos like this before gets bought by, oh, we dunno, AOL? Anyway, the Swedish band sounds like New Order and Echo And The Bunnymen. The Lost EP was issued on Labrador, which is also offering the title track as a free download.

The Mary Onettes -- "Lost" -- Lost EP
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