November 2, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Fields' "If You Fail We All Fail"

As far as videos go, we aren't that crazy about the new one for Fields' new single "If You Fail We All Fail." Part of what made us ga-ga for the band was the mysterious quality perpetuated by the excellent hand-cranked video for the band's soaring cut "Brittle Sticks." That mystery, emphasized by the weird folk elements of many of the tunes on the recently issued 7 From The Village [our review], is not to be found at all in the video linked above. Instead Fields is presented as a dolled-up, over-emoting and unit-shifting slick commodity, with fancy clothes and make-up and, really, they are literally performing up on a pedestal... That, and some overly simplistic lyrics, are the downside to "If You Fail We All Fail." But the upside -- crushing, swirling Swervedriver-esque guitars -- definitely makes up for it. This single may be the most rocking thing we've heard so far from the band. Anyway, check it out for yourself. The song will be released as a single Nov. 20 in the U.K. -- not sure what the deal is with domestic release.

Fields: InterWeb | MySpace | YouTube


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