November 4, 2006

Falling For David & The Citizens' "Let's Not Fall Apart" [MP3]

David & The CitizensThere is a moment in David & The Citizens' "Let's Not Fall Apart" wherein the band hooks you. You can tell the Swedish act knows this, since the song's title is taken from the lyrics that are sung at that moment ("one arrives and one takes off but let's not fall apart..."). The title is almost a knowing wink from the sextet, a warning that a wordy, deliciously melodic chorus is around the corner, eagerly waiting with a tambourine. And while we aren't head over heels for all of David & The Citizens' Until The Sadness Is Gone, which was issued this past week in the U.S. by the fine folks at Friendly Fire (who also brought you Asobi Seksu's excellent Citrus, but did not bring you Sean Lennon's shrugger Friendly Fire), there are a handful of tracks we return to again and again, including the aforementioned "Let's Not Fall Apart."

For those of you who speak Swedish Indie Rock, the band's sound is a little less glossy and twee than Aerospace and a little more rockin' than Shout Out Louds. In case you can't tell, we sort of have a thing for bands from Sweden (thing, thing, thing, thing, thing). Anyway, below we've posted a link to an MP3 of a version of "Let's Not Fall Apart" taken from D&TC's 2004 Big Chill EP. Despite Until The Sadness Is Gone being its debut U.S. long player, David & The Citizens are pretty darn prolific. You can check out a lot of the act's catalog at this well-stocked media page. Note that Until The Sadness Is Gone was first released in Sweden in 2003 and Germany in 2004, and the U.S. version has two bonus tracks. David & The Citizens' most recent set, Stop The Tape! Stop The Tape!, was issued in Sweden earlier this year on Bad Taste Records.

David & The Citizens -- "Let's Not Fall Apart" -- Until The Sadness Is Gone
[MP3 is actually the EP version as noted supra; just click]

Bonus Downloads:

David & The Citizens -- "Grey Coated Mornings" -- Until The Sadness Is Gone
David & The Citizens -- "New Direction" -- Until The Sadness Is Gone
[just click]

[Buy Until The Sadness Is Gone from Newbury Comics here]

David & The Citizens: InterWeb | MySpace | YouTube | Flickr

Below is the video for "Are You In My Blood?", which is a single from the band's latest record. It rocks. This band is definitely poised to break big in the U.S.


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