November 9, 2006

Coming To Your Local Bandstand: Icy Demons

Icy DemonsAs we are getting to the far end of 2006 (which now makes it the near end... whoa...) we're starting feel like we can put the year into a little perspective. And we're certain that one of the most singular releases we heard this year was Icy Demons' Tears Of A Clone. The set was issued by Scott Herren's Eastern Developments label on Halloween, although the release date was bounced a couple times in order to get it in line with a new distro deal. But the record finally left purgatory 10 days ago and we're frankly surprised we didn't hear more of a commotion about it. We reviewed the record here in August, saying in part that "its songs lie somewhere on an axis between the aforementioned Genesis ("Golden Coin") and Herbie Hancock's electric jazz work ("Jump Off")." Truly, the record is wildly ambitious and none too shabby. The Chicago and Philly-based band is heading out for a small slate of tour dates at the end of the month, so once you get that Tofurkey in you, get ready to make the scene. Unless you don't live in Philly, New York or D.C., 'cause the band's tour is concentrated like FCOJ. You can stream a cut from the new record at the band's MySpace yert linked below. Legal MP3s seem a bit hard to come by, however, but take our word for it, this record is something else. If you like Aloha and other acts doing interesting stuff, hunt this record down. Full tour dates, such as they are, below the requisite links.

Icy Demons: InterWeb | MySpace | YouTube | Flickr

11/26 -- AKA Records In-Store -- Philadelphia, PA
11/27 -- Bard College -- Annandale on Hudson, NY
11/28 -- Tonic -- New York, NY
11/29 -- The Red & The Black -- Washington, DC
11/30 -- Johnny Brenda's -- Philadelphia, PA
12/01 -- Alfred University -- Alfred, NY
12/02 -- The Glasslands Gallery -- Brooklyn, NY

Finally, here is a video for the band's tune "Desert Toll," which offers a filmic, grainy tour of some of the more anonymous streets of Philadelphia. The tune is from the band's 2004 release Fight Back!


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