November 13, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Mineral's "Gloria" [MP3]

The mention of neo-synth rockers Antarctica over at I Do Later this afternoon made us think of late great second wave emo acts Christie Front Drive and Mineral. We never saw either band, but we played the Christie Front Drive/Boys Life split 10" (which is on the short list of the best 10" records ever issued) to death when we were doing college radio, and when Austin, Texas-based Mineral's The Power Of Failing came out we played it repeatedly at ear-harming volumes in our car. There's a lotta treble in that there record, let us tell you. Anyhoo, we took a moment this evening to see if the YouTube had anything for us in the way of Mineral footage and we turned up the clip that sits atop this item. It's for the emo classic "Gloria," and it was shot live at Emo's in Austin, Texas in 1998. Well worth watching, and if Mineral is new to you consider the band another weapon in your arsenal to use in those irritating bar room conversations about what is good emo (Embrace, Rites Of Spring, Sunny Day Real Estate, Promise Ring, etc.) vs. what is bad emo (any emo record made after Very Emergency). As an added bonus, here is a clip from the same show of the band doing the tune "Parking Lot." We'd have preferred a clip of Power Of Failing opener "Five, Eight and Ten," which is as hot a rocker as they come, particularly the coda at the end. But looky here, Mineral's label Crank! (famous around here for releasing the Haywood/Mariner Nine split 7") is hosting an MP3 of "Gloria," which you can grab from the link below.

Mineral -- "Gloria" -- The Power Of Failing
[right click and save as / stream all of The Power Of Failing here at Rhapsody]


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M-Eyes said...

oh wow that was great. i need to pull out some of their songs again and revisit my youth!