February 19, 2006

Seriously Sweden, Stop Being Awesome, or In Re: Aerospace

I was minding my own business late last month shopping for the recent Hisoft EP over at Darla when I was confronted with the fact that ordering only the EP didn't meet the $10 minimum the online storefront requires. So I browsed a bit and ended up deciding to try out, unheard and unseen, the 2001 debut of Swedish quintet Aerospace. As it turns out Aerospace is bitchin,' in its own cardigan-and-glasses sort of way. The act renders glistening, sugary and guitar-focused indie pop with a twee bent. You're not going to hear anything on their debut The Bright Idea Called Soul that you've never heard before, unless you are only 12 or didn't listen to any music between 1993 and 1995, but everything you'll hear is riveting and unabashedly melodic. If you dig stuff like Crayon or All About Chad or early Small Factory or really, any denser, more rockin' twee stuff, you need to check this out, if you are as far behind the Aerospace curve as I have been. Labrador has an MP3 of the track "The Only Things We Share" from Bright Idea right here. It's not my favorite cut from the record, but hey, are you going to turn down free Swedish indie pop? I didn't think so.

That is all.

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