February 26, 2006

American Hardcore On YouTube

One of the last chapters of the book "American Hardcore," recently adapted and released as a documentary film under the same name, details how hardcore finally made its way into the popular consciousness via television portrayals. Ill-informed episodes of "Quincy" and "CHiPs" apparently instilled alarm in parents and others outside the scene. Punk band Fear's 1981 performance on Saturday Night Live didn't help matters as far as public perception goes. Infamously and as detailed in the book, John Belushi and/or SNL producer Lorne Michaels invited hardcore kids from D.C. onset to rock out during the performance. According to estimates in "American Hardcore," set damage cost estimates ranged from $100 to something like $200,000. One of those taking part in the mayhem is Ian Mackaye of Dischord/Minor Threat/Fugazi/The Evens. John Joseph of Cro-Mags also reports being in the crowd. Fortunately for you, YouTube has the video. It's stagedive-arific! We also found a link to a piece of an episode of "Quincy" that may be the one referenced in "American Hardcore." Apparently one of the extras used in the punker scene was American's sweetheart Courtney Love. Here's the link for that.

Fear -- Saturday Night Live television performance, Halloween 1981.

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