February 28, 2006

Today's Hotness: Dinosaur Jr., Trans Am, Asobi Seksu

>> Esteemed music rag Billboard made a boo-boo in its item about Rhino's planned reissues of the first two major-label Dinosaur Jr. records. "Feel The Pain"? Not on Where You Been. Never was. And we see now that the error has been edited out of the piece. Good work, editors. Anyway, the reissues of 1991's Green Mind and 1993's Where You Been will be expanded for release May 16, although the bonus stuff seems downright paltry compared to the bar-setting Cure and Pavement reissues of recent years. Still, we might have to pony up for the reissue of Where You Been just to get the alternate version of "Keeblin'" it will include, since that is our favorite Dino Jr. jam. And a 10-minute live version of "What Else Is New?" That sounds like it will be amazing. Rhino will also issue a live record of J. Mascis' first live solo acoustic date in 1993. Full details here. We still have Spin's review of Where You Been in a scrapbook somewhere that has a graphic with the haunting lyric snippets: "I know you're out there... where you been... you're the only one..."

>> A lot of buzz in the last 24 hours or so about Hummer's unsuccessful courtship of indie acts. Seems the military-complex spun-off, gas-guzzling vehicle maker wanted a hip edge to its marketing and was hoping to license tracks from notables including Trans Am and others. Despite the stack of cash Hummer was offering, all the indie rockers told Hummer to go take a flying f-, err, they told them to go away. There's full details and commentary in this ILM thread, including some discussion of the practice of creating music for commercials from one of the Matmos chaps.

>> You know what's hot? The two new songs we were allowed to preview from the forthcoming Asobi Seksu record Citrus this afternoon. The first track, "New Years," has a bridge that takes the band's crushing sonic assault to a new level. The second track, "Thursday," has a lighter touch but an equally compelling melodic approach. As soon as we get the high sign we'll let you know where you can hear the tunes. Citrus streets May 30 on Friendly Fire. Asobi Seksu, with a new-ish and gritty rhythm section in tow, heads out on the road next week for over a month. Here are the dates.

03/06 -- New York, NY -- Bowery Ballroom
03/07 -- Norfolk, VA -- Relative Theory
03/08 -- Washington, DC -- DC Nine
03/09 -- Chapel Hill, NC -- Local 506
03/10 -- Wilmington, NC -- Soapbox
03/11 -- Atlanta, GA -- Drunken Unicorn
03/12 -- New Orleans, LA -- One Eyed Jacks
03/13 -- Baton Rouge, LA -- Red Star
03/14 -- Houston, TX -- Walter's on Washington
03/17 -- Austin, TX -- Elysium
03/18 -- Dallas, TX -- The Cavern
03/21 -- Tucson, AZ -- Club Congress
03/22 -- Costa Mesa, CA -- Detroit Bar
03/23 -- Goleta, CA -- Mercury Lounge
03/24 -- Los Angeles, CA -- The Echo
03/25 -- Santa Cruz, CA -- The Attic
03/27 -- Seattle, WA -- Sunset Tavern
03/28 -- Portland, OR -- TBA
03/29 -- Eugene, OR -- Luckey's
03/30 -- San Francisco, CA -- Noise Pop
03/31 -- Bakersfield, CA -- Gigantic Vintage
04/01 -- Phoenix, AZ -- Modified
04/04 -- Austin, TX -- Emo's
04/06 -- Memphis, TN -- Young Ave. Deli
04/07 -- Chicago, IL -- TBA
04/08 -- Detroit, MI -- Magic Stick
04/09 -- Rochester, NY -- Bug Jar

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