February 27, 2006

Rack and Opinion: Release Date 2.28.06

To the untrained eye, this week's slate of new releases looks a bit weak. But we can pretty safely say you don't want to blow it this week. Just in the last few days we've listened to music from a couple amazing bands of which we had no previous knowledge. Both acts are putting out records this week. No big labels here, so you might have to do a little more digging than usual, but trust us, you're going to thanks us later. So write these down: Scranton, PA-based power pop quartet Okay Paddy's The Cactus Has A Point [Prison Jazz] and Chicago-based quintet Track A Tiger's Woke Up Early The Day I Died [Future Appletree]. There's also a Thurston Moore/Nels Cline thing that looks pretty arresting too. Three's a pretty good list, right? Watch clicky clicky for a review of the Okay Paddy record in the next couple days. And we're pretty sure we'll have something more to say about Track A Tiger before too long. Our complete (short) list of this week's best new releases is below.

Okay Paddy -- The Cactus Has A Point -- Prison Jazz
Ranaldo/Giffoni/Moore/Cline -- Four Guitars Live -- Important
Track A Tiger -- Woke Up Early The Day I Died -- Future Apple

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