February 20, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 2.21.06

It's a big week for new releases. Merge likely has big ideas about how well Destroyer's new joint is going to do, and for good reason. Yeah, that guy at Pitchfork gave it an 8.5, but be a free-thinker and/or just take our word for the fact that the set is the best Destroyer's done so far. Call it space rock, call it unfortunately conventional, we don't care. Another seemingly known known (yes, that's two "knowns," Donny Rum-style) is the Arctic Monkeys record Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. In case you weren't paying attention, the Brit act's debut full-length became the fastest-selling debut ever or something like when it streeted in the U.K. earlier this year. Our call? It's more fratty Franz and it's a pretty enjoyable listen, based on the tracks we have heard so far. Finally, we've told everybody who will listen that the new Lilys record is the best set Kurt Heasley has created since Better Can't Make Your Life Better came out 10 years ago. Those titles and others comprising our best bets for your shopping trip this week are listed below. Links point to related commercial opportunities with your old friends Insound. Have at it.

Arctic Monkeys -- Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not -- Domino
Eef Barzelay -- Bitter Honey -- SpinArt
Bloc Party -- Helicopter EP -- Dim Mak
Chicago Underground Duo -- In Praise of Shadows -- Thrill Jockey
Coldcut -- Sound Mirrors -- Ninja Tune
Destroyer -- Destroyer's Rubies -- Merge
Eels -- Eels with Strings: Live at Town Hall -- Vagrant
Lilys -- Everything Wrong Is Imaginary -- Manifesto
Supersilent -- 7 -- Rune Grammofon
Victory at Sea -- All Your Things Are Gone -- Gern Blandsten

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