February 26, 2006

Administrative Bidness: A Sassier URL

Well, at least a more easily remembered uniform resource locator. We've entered into a compact with the gremlins who hold aloft and arrange the pictures and text inside your computing lightbox. They have made representations to us that from now on readers may access clicky clicky music blog (which you are reading now) via the decidely more flashy URL http://www.clickyclickymusic.com. Please feel free to adjust your bookmarks accordingly. Or not, the old address will work fine, too.

-- The Management


Anonymous said...

Ian MacKaye, sure but don't forget about the immortal Mr. Body from the movie Clue.

Unknown said...

You know, I actually had forgotten that. Here is Ving's IMDB page for details on the rest of his illustrious career. Incidentally, I think he looks like he could be a Baldwin brother. Odd.