October 29, 2006

Reader Rewards: Win Voxtrot's Your Biggest Fan EP [UPDATE]

Voxtrot -- Your Biggest FanWe won't prevaricate and say that we like Voxtrot's forthcoming Your Biggest Fan EP more than we like the Austin, Texas-based indie pop quintet's Raised By Wolves EP released last year. That's just not true. But our affection for the latter EP guarantees we'll begrudgingly come around on the former; we usually do. In our estimation the three songs on Your Biggest Fan, a U.S. only release that will be issued by PlayLouder Nov. 7, are a little less edgy, more mid-tempo and exhibit a stronger affinity for the '60s pop sounds the band adores than the '80s analogs (*cough*Smiths*cough*) referenced on Raised By Wolves that we love so much. The trade-off is some fairly surprising sophistication on the notably orchestrated new track "Sway." Of course there are more modern Brit twee sounds still to be heard on Your Biggest Fan: we already noted the similarity in tone between Voxtrot's new tune "Trouble" (MP3 linked below) and The Wake's "Carbrain" here. You'll note we are excluding an intermediate Voxtrot EP, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives from this discussion, and the reason is we never bought it -- hey, we're not made of $$$.

Anyway, we were fortunate enough to (mistakenly) receive duplicate promo copies of the forthcoming EP and we're giving the spare away today in a contest of sorts (which comes nowhere near the scope of Frank Chromewaves'). To win a copy of Your Biggest Fan, be the first to send us an email with the phrase "I'm just a love letter away" in the subject line. Our email address is in the sidebar to the right. We'll update this item when the disc is won and ship the disc out to the winner tomorrow.

The contest is over. Congratulations to reader Artie Sheepworth! Watch your mailbox, Artie!

Voxtrot -- "Trouble" -- Your Biggest Fan EP
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