October 9, 2006

Free Range Music: Gertie Fox's "Modern Love" And More [MP3]

Gertie Fox -- An Imaginary Meeting In The WoodsLos Angeles-based quartet Gertie Fox's hype sheet mentions so many big names that said hype can't possibly be accurate, but we were intrigued nonetheless. What we discovered when we streamed the band's recently self-released An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods was vigorous and vaguely lo-fi rock with a very strong sense of melody. We wouldn't characterize Gertie Fox's music as forward-thinking or visionary, just sort of classic '90s indie with some apparent '60s influences that's a little rough around the edges in all the right places. We don't hear anything that makes us think of The Band, The Byrds, Built To Spill or Archers Of Loaf as some would have you believe, but we certainly like what we do hear, which reminds us of indie rockers Okay Paddy (whose The Cactus Has A Point, incidentally, is in our opinion the sleeper hit of 2006).

An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods opens with "Modern Love," a hook-filled winner. We recommend streaming the entire set, which you can access via its promo e-card here, because it is actually loaded with memorable cuts ("Bad Friend," "Keepin' On Track"). For those of you who dig that loving feeling you get from downloading files, we're linking to ab MP3 of "Modern Love" below. Actually, we'll also link to another fine tune, "You're So Married." The song has a mild beginning, but it builds up to a slow burn that is difficult to ignore. Really, the whole record is a very pleasant surprise. An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods, Gertie Fox's third full-length, was released Sept. 26.

Gertie Fox -- "Modern Love" -- An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods
Gertie Fox -- "You're So Married" -- An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods
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