October 23, 2006

Free Range Music: Broken Social Scene, Sunn0))) and Boris

Broken Social Scene at Brandeis University, October 2006, detail of a photo courtesy of Bradley's Almanac>> [photo credit] Bradley's Almanac has posted a recording of last week's completely under-the-radar Broken Social Scene show at Brandeis University. The recording is excellent, maybe a little more talky than some (but the kids are just excited is all), and we highly recommend streaming it here via Hype Machine's handy Flash player or downloading the files direct from The 'Nac. We've never seen the Canadian supergroup ourselves and haven't heard any other live stuff save for the Broken Mascis Scene set from this past summer. So we are surprised at how jammy, in a very good way, the band -- performing here as a "stripped-down" septet -- is live. The versions of "Ibi Dreams Of Pavement" and "KC Accidental" are explosive. And then there's the Dinosaur Jr. cover. They don't quite nail "The Wagon," but it's a fun rendition nonetheless. Read Mr. Searle's take on the literal and proverbial Scene here. And definitely listen to this.

>> A while back B-Vegan (we like to refer to Mr. BrooklynVegan this way and pretend that he is down with Cypress Hill; we don't know why) pointed us to a stream of the new collab between Sunn0))) and Boris titled Altar. We've had this record on-hand for a while and it is heavy and spooky and beautiful. We haven't really checked out Sun0))) heretofore and only know Boris' cataclysmically amazing song "Goodbye," but we whole-heartedly recommend going here and listening to Altar, particularly the bliss-out "The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)" and the sinister dreamer "Fried Eagle Mind."

>> For a couple more weeks you can download in its entirety here what is rumored to be the final release from road-worn and Ohio-proud (although somehow currently curiously split between Philly and Berlin) duo Swearing At Motorists. Mr. DoneWaiting himself was the first to point this out to us here. The set is titled Exile On Gipsstra├če and it was recorded in a U-bahn station in Berlin at the same time the band was working on its most recent effort Last Night Becomes This Morning. We haven't checked out Gipsstra├če yet, but we better soon because it is only available through election day. While we're on the subject, the band's Number Seven Uptown includes our favorite SAM tune "Flying Pizza" and a number of other excellent tunes. We were fortunate to be in a band opening for SAM on one date of the Number Seven Uptown tour about six years ago, which was a real good time. Also look for the cut "Being In Love," which is a real kick in the heart.

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