October 16, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 10.17.06

Benoît Pioulard -- PrécisIt's a relatively tame week for big-deal new releases, but there are certainly several small-deal ones worth your attention. Folks whose lives were soundtracked by Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary in the early '90s may be excited to hear the sophomore solo set from the band's enigmatic lead singer Jeremy Enigk. The record is called World Waits, and sadly it is more akin to Mr. Enigk's dramatic solo debut Return Of The Frog Queen than it is to Sunny Day's potent angst-and-gigantic-guitars frappucino. Other records of note include electronic luminary Tim Hecker's Harmony In Ultraviolet, which PantsFork just voted Best New Music or something today. Mr. Hecker's Haunt Me Haunt Me Haunt Me Do It Again is perhaps our favorite abstract glitch record, so we are eager to hear this latest set. Drill 'n' bass master Squarepusher also returns this week, and we link to a stream of the record below.

Finally, what we are most curious about this week is Benoît Pioulard's Précis, which Kranky will issue. We have no idea what it sounds like, but Mr. Pioulard's [well, Mr. Thomas Meluch's] recent remix of Mobius Band's "You're Wrong," which is posted at the band's MySpace dojo here, is a stunning interpretation that is at least as good as the original tune. These records and the rest of our picks for the week's best new releases are listed below. Links go to music or relevant commercial opportunities with our former wall paper hangers over at Insound.

Jeremy Enigk -- World Waits -- Lewis Hollow/Sony BMG [album stream]
Tim Hecker -- Harmony in Ultraviolet -- Kranky
Goldfrapp -- We Are Glitter -- Mute
Nitzer Ebb -- Body of Work 1984-1997 -- Mute
Benoît Pioulard -- Précis -- Kranky [MP3]
Squarepusher -- Hello Everything -- Warp [album stream]

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