October 30, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 10.31.06

Sunn0))) & Boris -- AltarIn our opinion there is really only one record you need to buy this week. It is the same record we played over and over again at our Halloween party Saturday night: Sunn0))) and Boris's ambient doom-metal masterpiece Altar. Since the rise of G'N'R in the late '80s, we've pretty much left metal to be watched over by our eldest brother Tito. So we are only now just getting up to speed on the whole Mastodon thing, and aside from a handful of releases on Hydra Head we've pretty much ignored the genre for almost two decades except for where it has intersected with hardcore and industrial music. Anyhoo, we think it underscores how great the record is that we've really taken a shine to Sunn0))) and Boris's stunning collaboration. From flat-out, bone-sucking dread ("Blood Swamp") to stirring beauty ("The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)"), the record is a very compelling listen.

Also finally seeing release this week are two sets from Guillermo Herren's Eastern Developments label: A Cloud Mireya's Singular [review here] and Icy Demons' Tears Of A Clone [review here]. Those records, a couple notable electronic releases, the soundtrack to the recently Bad Brains live DVD and more are our picks for the best new releases of the week. They are all listed below with links going to relevant commercial opportunities with our former magician's assistants over at Insound.

And something new this week: we are now also linking to Newbury Comics, a regional music chain based here in our current hometown of Boston, for commerce opportunities. :: clicky clicky :: believes in thinking blogally and acting locally (tm), knows folks who actually work in NC stores and wants to support a local institution we respect and we want to see thrive for years to come. We still love you Insound, but despite more than 1,000 referrals to your site, we've never received a cent. For now we will link to either store, but we are considering phasing out Insound unless people get in touch to say Newbury Comic's e-commerce is problematic.

A Cloud Mireya -- Singular -- Eastern Developments
Animal Collective -- Hollinndagain -- Paw Tracks
Bad Brains -- Live at CBGB 1982: The Audio Recordings -- MVD Audio
David & The Citizens -- Until The Sadness Is Gone -- Friendly Fire
Icy Demons -- Tears Of A Clone -- Eastern Developments
Nobody -- Revisions, Revisions -- Plug
Sunn0))) and Boris -- Altar -- Southern Lord
Venetian Snares -- Hospitality -- Planet Mu

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