October 23, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 10.24.06

Miho Hatori -- EcdysisOn paper it is a pretty sleepy new release week, particularly if you take a gander at our list below: half of the records are collections old material from defunct bands, only one of which we've had the pleasure of seeing. In 1997 we were minding our own business trying to get a life in Central Virginia when we decided to take in a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion show, where, if memory serves, Atari Teenage Riot opened with a face-burning set of what was then called electronica. It was very aggressive, and the act seemed pretty out-of-place in Charlottesville. But they were uncompromising and fairly impressive. The band is releasing a career-spanning retrospective on its own label this week, and you might want to check it out.

More known knowns, as Rummy would say, are the odds and sods set from pro moper and vibrato dispenser Conor Oberst's Bright Eyes or one of two import sets featuring legendary British guitar pop bands. The most interesting record of the week may come from Cibo Matto principle and Sean Ono Lennon pal Miho Hatori. All of our best bets for the week are listed below. Links go to relevant commercial opportunities with our former swim coaches over at Insound.

+/- -- Let's Build A Fire -- Absolutely Kosher
Atari Teenage Riot -- Atari Teenage Riot: 1992-2000 -- Digital Hardcore
Bright Eyes -- Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005) -- Saddle Creek
Miho Hatori -- Ecdysis -- Rykodisc
House of Love -- The Complete John Peel Sessions -- Universal [UK]
The La's -- BBC in Session -- Universal [UK]

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