October 19, 2006

The Upper Crust Rock Harder Than Marie Antoinette [MP3]

The Upper Crust -- EntitledIn honor of the impending release of Sofia Coppola's latest film "Marie Antoinette," which sets the tale of the fabled French noblewoman to a noteworthy new wave soundtrack, we thought we'd post The Upper Crust's amazing "Let Them Eat Rock." For those of you not familiar with the Boston act, the self-appointed "world's most privileged band" dresses like 18th Century French fops but sound like AC/DC. And the quartet go by ridiculous monikers such as Jackie Kickassis, Duc D'Istortion and so on. For realsies. This version of "Let Them Eat Rock" comes from the band's 1999 double live set Entitled, which you can buy here from Baltimore's Reptilian Records. It is worth buying the record just to hear the introduction to "Let Them Eat Rock." But definitely download this: it is probably the best tune you'll hear all week. Until you see the movie, that is. The Upper Crust plays Boston tonight and then Providence and New York this weekend, and has two shows booked for next month. Check the MySpace chalet linked below for more information.

The Upper Crust -- "Let Them Eat Rock" -- Entitled

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Ryan of the RSL blog said...

The Upper Crust are a ton of fun live. Highly Recommended.