October 9, 2006

Reader Rewards: Win The Latest Hold Steady, R.E.M. Sets

The Hold Steady -- Boys And Girls In AmericaR.E.M. -- And I Feel FineHappy Columbus Day. Our northeastern liberal education has inculcated a belief in us that the holiday clumsily celebrates the wanton destruction of numerous indigenous cultures, but we're funny like that. And that's not why you called... Thanks to the duplicative efforts of us and various labels' promotional operations to ensure that we got the new The Hold Steady and R.E.M. records, we have extra copies of each one. In the case of R.E.M.'s ...And I Feel Fine, we placed a winning EBay bid on a single disc version of the set mere hours before finding a promo version of the double-disc version and the accompanying DVD in our daily mail. As far as The Hold Steady record goes, Vagrant sends their promos later than most, and we weren't sure one was forthcoming or not. Since our favorite record chain has an storefront near our day job, we headed across the street on the release day for Boys And Girls In America and secured a copy; two days later Vagrant's package arrived.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying we are giving away copies of these records. The first person to send an email with "I was half-dead, then I got born again" in the subject line to our email address linked at right gets a copy of The Hold Steady's record. The first person to send an email with "She's got pretty persuasion" in the subject line to the same address gets the single-disc version of the R.E.M. record. We'll announce lucky winners here so you know not to email if the records are already gone. You can only win one of the discs, so choose the one you want and send the appropriate email.

UPDATE TWO: Both discs are gone! Congrats to Mike of Tourb.us fame and Cathy of reading :: clicky clicky :: fame.

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