October 10, 2006

The Orderly Beauty Of Kunek's "Section Two" [MP3]

Kunek -- Flight Of The FlynnsOklahoma-based sextet Kunek's Flight Of The Flynns is a record of moments, like the chord changes in the second minute of "Section Two," for example. While this is likely not true, we want to believe that title refers and pays tribute to the ushering in of that particular musical passage. "Section Two" is carefully composed and if plotted on paper would probably resemble a steadily climbing trend line reflecting the orderly addition of piano, then strings, then e-bow guitar and tremoloed synth and so on. The resultant layering is similar to that found in Everclear's "Santa Monica." Really. We had a discussion with our man V about the Everclear jam's musical strategy some 10 years ago or so, and it popped back into our head while considering Kunek's creation. Of course, Kunek sounds nothing like Everclear -- please pardon our digression.

We love how "Section Two" stumbles into being; it's like someone losing their grip on a few coins. And we even love the smooth, AOR vocals -- they remind us of a specific sorta second-tier FM act we can't put our finger on right now; it's someone like Alan Parsons Project or Supertramp... Flight Of The Flynns was issued by PlayTyme Sept. 12. The band has 11 live dates coming up, including a short east coast stint -- the dates are listed below.

Kunek -- "Section Two" -- Flight Of The Flynns

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10/21 -- Sticky Fingerz -- Little Rock, AR
10/26 -- The Vaudeville Mews -- Des Moines, IA
11/01 -- CMJ/ASCAP Showcase at Sin-e -- New York, NY
11/02 -- The Mill Hill Saloon -- Trenton, NJ
11/03 -- CMJ at Union Hall -- Brooklyn, NY
11/06 -- Great Scott -- Allston, MA
11/07 -- The Fire -- Philadelphia, PA
11/08 -- Local 506 -- Chapel Hill, NC
11/17 -- VZDs -- Oklahoma City, OK
11/18 -- The Cavern -- Dallas , TX
12/08 -- Eskimo Joes -- Stillwater, OK

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