October 10, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 10.10.06

Bruno Pronsato -- Lady Collage 12 in. A bit of a lull as far as the new release bin is concerned this week. But after a couple gangbuster weeks in a row, and given that this is a short holiday week in North America, we suppose that is to be expected. Even so, there is a substantial amount of quality to be had. Much-hyped Danish collective Under Byen's set Samme Stof Som Stof, which we are still trying to figure out if we like or not (it sounds interesting, and in fact is interesting, but we're not making an emotional connection at all), is out this week. Matador has collected up a whole mess of Chavez stuff under the moniker Better Days Will Haunt You. And indie stalwarts Robert Pollard (he formerly of Guided By Voices, a band once proclaimed to possess the "ancient Chinese secret to rock music" or something like that by one of the guys from Hurl in an MTV piece about the third or fourth Lollapalooza) and Mac MacCaughan's Portastatic each have new sets in racks.

We are perhaps most excited about something we won't be buying, a new 12" from electronic music phenom Bruno Pronsato. The one-sheet for the 12" says it actually streeted at the end of August, but since it has eluded our attention heretofore; and since Brainwashed pointed it out; and since Pronsato is one of our favorite electronic types we wanted to give it some love, even though we have given up any pretense of being a vinyl-ophile. Apparently they are bonkers for Pronsato in Russia. Anyway, all of our picks for the week's best releases are below. Links go to relevant commercial opportunities with our former Congressional pages over at Insound.

Bruno Pronsato -- Lady Collage 12" -- Orac
Chavez -- Better Days Will Haunt You -- Matador
Four Tet -- Remixes -- Domino
Robert Pollard -- Normal Happiness -- Merge
Portastatic -- Be Still Please -- Merge
Under Byen -- Samme Stof Som Stof -- Paper Bag Records

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