October 3, 2006

Review: Mahogany | Connectivity! [New MP3s!]

Prior to Darla issuing it this week we had the privilege of access to a pre-release stream of Mahogany's almost deliriously lush new set Connectivity! We can report that the record is gorgeous (actually, even the Brooklyn-based octet's press kit is gorgeous). Imagine some of the best parts of '80s New Order and Cocteau Twins all manifested within the same band, and you are close. Notably, three tracks on Connectivity! were produced by Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie, and Guthrie's daughter (with other Twin Liz Frasier) sings on the record to boot. Lest you think Mahogany dropped out of the sky just now, Connectivity! is its sophomore set. Previously, the Ulrich Schnauss-approved act released The Dream Of A Modern Day in 1999; a number of singles and EPs were compiled as Memory Column and released by Darla last year.

The new set's "Neo-plastic Boogie-woogie" follows the bounce of the most arresting Belle And Sebastian material through warehouses filled with iridescent curtains of sonic gauze. "Domino Ladder Beta" is anchored to bass guitar that evokes The Cure's early epic "Carnage Visors." "Tesselation, Formerly Plateau One" nods at vague sections of a few Lilys tunes (perhaps "The Sammael Sea" -- we're having a hard time pinning it down). A second disc of Connectivity! features four alternate mixes and three video clips. Mahogany is doing a record release show with :: clicky clicky :: faves Relay and another with twee-revivalists Voxtrot in coming weeks; we've listed those dates and others below. Pre-orders of Connectivity! shipped earlier this week, although the two-disc set doesn't see worldwide release until Oct. 30. Mahogany was kind enough to allow us to offer an MP3 of the dreamy anthem "Supervitesse," which we've linked below.

Mahogany -- "Supervitesse" -- Connectivity!
Mahogany -- "My Bed Is My Castle" -- Connectivity!
Mahogany -- "Springtime, Save Our Country" -- Connectivity!
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[Stream the entire record for free at Rhapsody here or, for a limited time, via the Philebrity player here!]

10/13 -- Room Service @ Rock And Roll Hotel -- Washington, DC
10/21 -- Johnny Brenda's -- Philadelphia, PA
10/22 -- Brooklyn Peace Fair -- Brooklyn , NY
11/07 -- Bowery Ballroom -- New York, New York

[buy Connectivity! from Darla here]

Oh yes, we just found the video for "Supervitesse" at YouTube. Check it out:


Richie said...

This is a really damn good CD, one of my favourite indie releases in a long time... I hope they get all the acclaim and attention they deserve for it.

jbreitling said...

Yeah, this came out of nowhere for me. Great record.

Young Poisoner said...

I really really hope that people take notice of this record. It would be a shame if they released ANOTHER classic record that get's lost in indie obscurity.

dan said...

i've been waiting SO LONG for this record. probably my most anticipated release of the year.